Hi, I’m Michael!


  • Born and raised in AZ
  • Graduated 2011 with a BA in Music from UofA
  • Electric bass performer
  • Opened DJ Business in 2021
  • Married in 2013
  • Father of 2 Children


My full name is actually Michael Craig Duke (hence the MC Duke company name). I’ve grown up surrounded by music from the day I was born. I am the youngest of 8 children and my mother was a music teacher. It was important that every single one of us play at least one instrument throughout our life.

In Elementary school I played violin, trombone, and then finally settled on the upright bass. I continued to play bass throughout college and even today. I’ve been in several bands playing bass guitar and really gained a love for not only music, but performance as well.

This is where the DJ/MC life comes in. Being able to continue to be close to music has been huge for me. I use my experience playing music and this translates to being able to pick the right music for specific occasions and establish vibes that we are looking to achieve.

Weddings are my primary focus. I just love LOVE. People can’t be sad at a wedding! And when it comes down to it, people expect to dance there. I also do corporate events and private parties when the mood strikes.

Music is life – I couldn’t ask for a better place to be.

I’m located in Gilbert, Arizona and am fully open to doing weddings anywhere you are. I even will do a few Vegas and SoCal weddings each year!

On a personal note – I am a husband to my lovely wife Amelia and a father to my two children Logan and Serena. I love pop culture, running, and anything super hero related.